The story continues from the previous article Superform project is the second half. In the first production model of reduced size and material, I was experimenting with technology in the second half will continue to shape the ideas in practice. Look at the video above of the presentation, the chair can be seen how that actually works. As I discussed earlier, the chair of the structure of a carbon fiber spring plate, all finished by hand. Yet it was the most work experience, through trial and error groping was continuous.


Plate portion secured to the fiberglass body parts made of carbon fiber legs so start by creating a type of expansion for inclusion FRP. Type is the type guy, third plate surface, leg cut goes into a secondary aspect. At this stage, we do also consider the size and balance.


At somewhat elaborate carved types, surveillance and prepare for the FRP. Stakeout is the first time in the material properties and modeling the actual scale, balance, because the test piece to be produced to confirm the procedure, the final result but not much is done by scheduling priority. Tension and releasing material under treatment with masking tape for the release of carbon will conduct such cross-cut fabrics and glass lie in wait.


Performs surveillance of the FRP. After applying the gel coat on the surface of the type of work is impregnated with resin at a brush and roller to adhere to each type of fabric was cut, stacked and repeated the number of copies required. I kind of have to work in plastic, we adopted an epoxy resin with superior strength. De Stakeout is the first time that a few mistakes at this stage was unaware. In addition, there were no facilities for performing evacuation was poorly processed without bubbles.


At least 8 hours before it can be cut into parts 張Ri込Nda will have to wait. Meanwhile, cut the urethane foam in seat cushion and the cushion on the bottom, I have produced and polished parts. After drying, demolding and then check mate, we will analyze the behavior.


Based on the analysis of the test piece, the FRP re-do the stakeout. Since the test piece was too focused on the moment curve close to the ground, so as to modify the type curve is shorter, five-layer added to the number of layers to 12 layers in order to increase the rigidity of the whole lie in wait was. In addition, frame type on the lookout to providing the first time taking advantage of lessons learned. While waiting for a second cure was created machined on a lathe and plate bolts to secure the seat and leg portions.


Cut by a jigsaw-type burr removal after second attempt, we will shine on abrasives and abrasive cutting into the Thunder. Complete re-assembly is performed. Sheet portion is thoroughly coated after polishing fill the eye with a filler, I put a belt for securing the body.


It was produced in a very tight schedule, the final finish is not happy about, as I became chair of interesting ideas, and more. “Stand” and that “sit” in the middle of it, to convey the idea that specialized chair to take the attitude of the kneeling position while moving it is probably passing mark. I have been to see the point yet fixed, the next stage and that the issue cut to the exact type in CAD, I want to try to be of increasing stability by a curved surface cubic gradual legs when you can achieve is unknown.






In the first quarter, the last individual project titled Superform was about chairs. The period was six weeks and perhaps it was the first decent production projects. Proposing the three ideas in the first half and making an actual model as can be enough for sitting by other people.

This story is about the first half of the project. We had to do presentation at the end of the first half period, must present scale models of the ideas. This means that producing at least three models was mandatory. There are limitations to this project, NOT allowed to use 3DCAD in all phases. This simultaneously means that it is forbidden to cut out the model in 3D printing and CNC, we were required to actively move our hands in the period of considering ideas.

I had an idea I wanted to make before the start of this project while preparing to consider other ideas so I already started to prepare that. Anyway, I will introduce the ideas in order.


When considering the idea that basic “structure “, “material”, “philosophy” were set to be different, “chair” and “sit” went to see what we can do that. The first idea is “structure” based. The idea of utilizing the features of the folding chairs that tensegrity structures are composed of wires and supporting pillars. If the elastic body like rubber wire part, thought the chair might be able to deploy in the moment.


こちらは「素材」を軸に考えてみたアイデアで、FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic)の繊維にあたる部分を紙で置き換えてみようというアイデアです。通常はガラス繊維やカーボン繊維が使用される部分を紙に置き換えることで、「型を使用しないで成形が出来る」「素早く成形が出来るので、ラピッドプロトタイピングでFRPを使うシーンでの繰り返し作業に向いている」などの利点が得られます。また、樹脂が含浸した状態の紙は半透明の綺麗な状態になるので、それを生かしたデザインも可能です。
Here is “material” based ideas I thought, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) that let a portion corresponding to replacing by the paper fibers. By replacing the paper normally used pieces of glass fiber or carbon fiber, “can be molded without using a type” “can be shaped so quick, repetitive tasks in a scene toward the FRP using rapid prototyping that “such benefits. Also, resin impregnated paper, so the state becomes a beautiful translucent, it is also possible by utilizing design.





I originally wanted to create this third idea, “sit” is devised to acting axis. Instead of sitting in a chair to rest, sit in a chair for work, and use the body as a tail fixed. Using an elastic material with excellent strength to support the movement of the body to bounce and then twist the waist while sitting fulcrum. While sitting on the stool and playing in Good piper, when such leave must must move in a long standing, such as physical activity is an image and attach it to your life easier. It is also interesting and I jumped just time to play.

I have to make a chair until now I did not have much interest as the reason “would be considered a step of the stairs and chairs and if you object to sit”, and others can. In short, “anyway (enough structural) will chair the sculpture cool If you have set” a high degree of freedom, so the world is therefore likely that the image had been already made all types of chairs. I thought it was a novelty even without doing that. Therefore, we are interested in their “extended body” and “dialogue with the body” will pull the realm of “sit” is this idea of attempting to re-interpret that. Chair rather than the things that I had body like image of the product belonging to the building, I thought that this direction is more likely, new thinking.

In the next article summarizes the state of such a process and final presentations were made to this idea in practice three weeks late.

RCA_IDE_Design Enterprise

インダクション的グループプロジェクト×3の3つ目のお話。Design Enterprise、デザインによる社会的な問題解決のプロジェクトです。社会的な問題点やニーズからビジネスやプロジェクトを立ち上げていくことが目的です。このプロジェクトでは環境問題や資源開発の問題点を解決する提案を考えていきます。取り組む問題点はイギリスのパブが近年廃れてきているという問題から海洋汚染まで幅広く取り上げられています。やはり期間は5日間で、4人のグループを組み、興味のある問題を1つ選択します。僕らのグループでは太平洋ゴミベルトの問題を選択しました。
The third story of an induction × 3 group projects. Design Enterprise, a project of solving social problems through design. The goal is to take up a project for business and social issues and needs. This project will consider a proposal to solve the problems of resource development and environmental issues. Tackle the problem has been addressed issues ranging from marine pollution coming out of vogue in recent years that the British pub. 5-day period is also a combination of four groups, select one of the interesting problems. We chose Pacific Ocean Garbage patch issues.


Most of the waste plastic trash, and that a high proportion have been leaked from the coast of household garbage and shopping bags than trash fish-based, we think that efforts to reduce the shopping bag. Export mind maps a lot, make the extraction of the grasp of the whole problem.




The final draft, established the Eco-bag, loans, business proposal was the idea of recovery. Evaluation of the poor is less, this kind of touch with the original story itself (not interested), my project was a pretty tired. Even after thoughts, I was not studying, focuses on themes dealing with yourself and not. Of course, I would Kedomo for Spaceship Earth is an important thing.

The problem in the sense that I’ll want to build a roadmap to design a concrete that I thought a good challenge, and it is also nonsense to apply the design solutions to solve whatever environmental problems and poverty, and. Do not forget the right place, and it would be necessary to use, nor does it say there is a universal design and engineering, the tendency to promote the sustainability of modern IDE skeptical this time the attitude is today.


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